Caring for an electric motor

medium voltage motors

There are a number of producers on the market that offer medium voltage motors. However, it should be noted that there are several parameters to compare them, but one of them is the price and this information is now commonly available. If searching for similar information is burdensome for you, you can definitely contact a specific dealer and ask him to arrange for the delivery of the price list of electric motors in electronic version or in the form of a print catalog.

The seller will certainly be willing to provide you with all the specifications of the motors, as well as all the important information contained in the price list of electric motors and all the recommendations for the installation and operation of a single-phase 230V electric motor. The transport and installation of a single-phase 230V electric motor should definitely not be on the fringes of its owner’s attention and should supervise this process as much as possible.

Documents must also be taken into account

Medium voltage motors must be visually inspected immediately after delivery and unpacking, and the device must be inspected for signs of external damage. If so, it is necessary to contact the carrier or the seller directly. In this case, some of the information needed to manage the following steps could be included in the price list of electric motors. It could be accompanied by information on the costs necessary to remedy such damage or defects. Subsequently, it is necessary to check all enclosed documents such as the price list of electric motors, warranty card, operating instructions and label, which should be directly on the single-phase electric motor 230V.medium voltage motors

The serial designation of the electric motor and all specifications must match. If you do not install the electric motor in the application you require immediately after downloading it, then it is necessary to ensure that the storage areas also meet certain criteria. Ensuring a dry and clean space is a matter of course, but demands are also placed on air temperature. This should be in the range of -20 ° C and + 40 ° C and the temperature is one of the decisive factors for the recognition of a possible complaint by the seller or manufacturer. It is a mistake to think that you can only store a single-phase electric motor without noticing for several months. At least on a monthly basis, you should ensure that the shaft rotates and this absolutely undemanding process will ensure lubrication of the bearings.

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