Frequency converter for pump in practice

pumpa na teplo frakvencny menic

Among the modern technologies that greatly influence our lives are electric motors and frequency converters. In particular, a pump frequency converter is a device that has a specific frequency and can amplify the torque of an electric motor by up to several tens of percent. This makes them ideal for controlling asynchronous electric motors and enables them to withstand high loads and harsh outdoor conditions.

Many variable frequency drives are designed for use in industrial segments where they must be resistant to water or increased dust. In practice, a pump with a frequency converter is the ideal solution for various water quantity controls during the day in homes, gardens or swimming pools, for example. The advantages of this application are the unforgettable saving of electrical energy, the assurance of constant water pressure in the system, the gradual ramp-up and ramp-down of the pump, which considerably extends its overall service life, and a number of other features.

frekvencny menic na cerpadlo

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Innovations that bring a lot of savings

A variable frequency drives is a great way to control equipment and protect it from premature shutdown. The frequency converter ensures optimum motor speed, which also significantly reduces energy consumption. However, these devices also have many other intelligent features and technical parameters that extend the life of the pump itself and that also protect against dry running or overheating of the device.

Modern technology improves our lives in many ways. Our homes, businesses and large industrial operations benefit from technological advances. By saving electricity and extending the life of our equipment, we are helping to protect the environment. We should always keep the environment in mind when using new technologies.


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