Book Cover

At the book’s beginning, Alex and his family get some
wonderful news. Abuela is leaving Cuba and coming to live with them! After all,
as Papa says, “Where three can fit, four can fit.” Alex is excited to be sharing
his room with Abuela and spending time together. Soon, aunts, uncles, and
cousins come as well, and their house is fit to bursting, until Alex feels that
“no one else can fit in this house!” Slowly, Alex’s extended family members
move out as they become settled in the United States, but there is still one
last surprise for him at the end. Archer’s beautiful collage illustrations with
bright colors and patterns capture the ebullience of this loving extended Cuban
family. Its boisterous din is made visible with jagged diagonals everywhere,
the double-page spread when Alex learns everybody will be leaving standing as
dramatic counterpoint. While this brown-skinned family is Cuban, this is a
story that will resonate with many children of immigrants and will give a
glimpse into the positive side of bringing in a large extended family for those
who aren’t.

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