Scalar and vector control frequency converters: what do they offer?

variable frequency drives

In both conventional and industrial processes, frequency converters are a very efficient way to streamline the operation of propulsion and various other equipment. We will introduce you to the basic characteristics of frequency converters with scalar and vector control, which will take care of more efficient operation of electric motors.

Scalar controlled frequency converters

One example of a frequency converter with scalar control is the VYBO series A550, frequency converters with above-standard equipment are suitable for common and simpler applications. It is an affordable choice for everyone who cares about maximum efficiency and reliable operation of electric motors.

variable frequency drives
Variable frequency drive V810

The advantage of the A550 series frequency converter is the possibility of power supply also with single-phase voltage, which enables its use practically anywhere. It has a built-in brake unit, so you can use the braking resistance of the drives. You can also rely on automatic voltage regulation and overcurrent protection, which protects the electric motor in particular.

Using a frequency converter together with an electric motor not only streamlines the entire drive, but also makes it safer and more comfortable. The frequency converter is equipped with a timer and allows you to set automatic start and stop. You can also use the so-called TURBO effect enabling an increase in the torque of the electric motor by approximately 30%.

Frequency converters with vector control

The V800 and V810 variable frequency drives with vector control are a professional range designed primarily for demanding industrial applications. Of course, it can also be used with conventional drives, where you will also appreciate the sophisticated functions, the possibility of programming a number of parameters and sophisticated control.

variable frequency drives
Variable frequency drive A550

In this series, you can count on an output frequency from 0 to 1000 Hz, redesigned protection elements and a built-in brake with high efficiency. These frequency converters make it possible to increase the torque of the electric motor by up to 200%. At the same time, you can use fast programming with the built-in application. Frequency converters of the professional range can also be expanded with modular superstructures.

So if you are looking for a frequency converter for normal use, one of the standard models with scalar voltage will be enough for you without any problems. On the contrary, for use in demanding applications, we can clearly recommend a frequency converter with vector control. For more information visit website

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